In Between, a new work by Kate Wilhelm, release announced

InBetweenInfinityBox Press is announcing the release of Kate Wilhelm’s new work, In Between, a mystery with a twist…

Here is the synopsis:

Sam and Lori had only just met and now they are dead, the result of a car accident. Accident? Dead? No, and not exactly. In life, Sam was a successful playwright and Lori was a secretary for Ben Carnahan, a scheming movie producer who wants Sam’s new script and whose negligence on a movie set twenty years earlier killed Lori’s father. Now, Sam and Lori are ghosts out of sequence with the real world yet fully aware of their existence. As they work together to find out what happened to them, a plot to murder Ben is revealed. As ghosts, how can they possibly stop this conspiracy? They can’t contact the living—rules are rules—in life and in death and even when you’re in between.

In Between is now available on our website It will also be available soon as an audiobook from Blackstone Audiobooks, and of course, through your favorite online shops like Amazon, Barnes & Noble, & iTunes.

Happy reading!

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