Why InfinityBox Press?
By Kate Wilhelm
Open letter to word watchers, readers and writers alike:

News detailing multimillion dollar contracts with the celebrity of the day; with various politicians' self-aggrandizing
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Kate Wilhelm reads from Whisper Her Name

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Kate Wilhelm and Damon Knight
"Kate Wilhelm is a science fiction writer whose work appeals to people who ordinarily don't like science fiction. Her interest is not in the nuts and bolts of technology but in the impact of scientific discovery on people and their social structures."

-Gerald Jonas, New York Times Book Review
"Kate Wilhelm doesn't need stars and spaceships to create her eerie tales of time. She reaches instead for the mundane present: a man in retirement, a grumpy writer who spouts cliches, the neighbor lady who has mysterious mental lapses, and moves to psychic space."
-Carol Tavris, Psychology Today
"Calling Kate Wilhelm a born storyteller is like calling Frank Sinatra a born singer: it's necessary but not sufficient to explain the genius that lies just behind the apparent facility."
-Amazon.com review
"Wilhelm needs no tricks, no cheats, no hipper-than-thou flash and dazzle to do her work. She is not an illusionist, manipulating us with her tricks and mirrors. Instead she is the real thing: Wilhelm has the magic that so many others only pretend to have."

-Orson Scott Card, Fantasy & Science Fiction
"Another excellent book by Wilhelm. How she manages to keep writing these books without repeating herself is beyond me, but she does it, and does it also without resorting to greater and greater levels of psychopathology as some writers have done."
"About the only generalization about her work is to say she is good. Very good."

-Flint, MI Journal
"The audacious scope of Wilhelm's cosmic riddling may spoil you for mysteries that merely ask whodunit."
"Kate Wilhelm writes directly from the heart. Each of her novels is a moving attempt to come to grips with the irrationalities and evils we see around us every day... Her novels are among the most immediate, trenchant commentaries on our world and our lives available today."
"FANTASTIC, FANTASTIC, FANTASTIC!!!!! This whole Barbara Holloway series was Great!"
"No one writing science fiction or fantasy has covered the human element quite so artfully and trenchantly as Kate Wilhelm. Her haunting tales of men, women and children caught in supernatural and technological pressure cookers are almost invariably powerful or moving."
-Minneapolis Star Journal
"Reading Kate Wilhelm has always been like watching a meteorite. You never know where in the sky she'll appear or just what path she'll take—all you can be sure of is that the effect will be brilliant. Children of the Wind, a collection of five novellas, is like a meteor shower. The concepts shoot everywhere, dazzling the eye and enlarging the mind..."
-SFRA Newsletter
"The publication of a new book by Kate Wilhelm is a cause for celebration."

-Vonda N. Mclntyre, author of Dreamsnake

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