Signed, first edition Barbara Holloway books now available

We’re pleased to announce that InfinityBox Press is now offering limited numbers of first edition print books. These books have been in boxes or on shelves in Kate’s library and represent a great selection of out-of-print Barbara Holloway mysteries. There are limited numbers of each book, so this is a great time to complete your collection, start one, or find an excellent gift for your favorite reader. And, each book is signed by Ms. Wilhelm. On the Home and Bookstore pages of this site, these books are listed as “Signed First Edition.” The list includes: A Wrongful Death, No Defense, Cold Case, Desperate Measures, Heaven is High, Malice Prepense, Sleight of Hand, The Best Defense, and The Unbidden Truth.

One thought on “Signed, first edition Barbara Holloway books now available

  1. Dear Me. Wilhelm,

    I am huge fan of yours. I started with the “Barbara Holloway” novels and have progress to some of your sic-fi books,( I especially life “Where Late the Sweet Birds Sang” ) and now am listening to the Charlie series. I confess I mainly listen on audible but read when time permits. Anyway, I love your writing and would appreciate any book you have.

    Thank you in advance.

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