The power of purchasing from small businesses

We thoroughly enjoy the ever-evolving dialogue around the way people choose to purchase and read books: Has the digital revolution outpaced the print book option? When we purchase books—whether “e” or “tree”—should we buy from the likes of Amazon, or from a small publisher or book seller? Here at InfinityBox Press, we love it when anyone purchases a Kate Wilhelm title in any form from any purveyor, of course…but there are real advantages to the reader to return to our website. Though criteria for choosing a large outlet include the convenience of one-click shopping, quick shipping, and an easy return policy, we feel that shopping “locally” or from a small business not only helps support the independent publishing industry, but allows a direct avenue of communication between the publisher, the author, and the reader. We take to heart each comment that comes in, and we try to respond to customer needs as best as we can. It only takes a couple more clicks, after all, to buy a book from InfintyBox Press…and if it allows one to pick up a signed hard-cover book, even better! We feel that supporting independent artists and businesses is a way to ensure quality, diversity, and a real sense of connection with those who create. We welcome your comments, and we look forward to seeing you at!

2 thoughts on “The power of purchasing from small businesses

  1. My husband and I have just discovered Ms Whilhelm’ s books. Starting with “No Defense”. We are hooked! As soon as I finished the paperback, I searched for other titles. I was excited to find there are quite a few. I just finished “Death Qualified”(about 10 min. ago, ebook). We are both voracious readers. He still prefers paper but has recently begun sharing my Kindle. I love books both ways. Sometimes you need the feel, smell, comfort and the sound of turning pages. There is the convenience of e-books, with quick shopping and larger variety. We will never give up our old friends, “real” books but we will continue explore the new options too. Thank you Ms Whilhelm for your wonderful, gripping stories in both versions.
    Becky & Mike McCandless

  2. I hope that people will buy from small businesses, because the large retailers, and in particular Amazon, are terrible for authors. As Ms. Wilhelm explains in talking about how this publisher was set up, the conditions for writers are atrocious. I have been considering whether to self-publish some of my own writing, rather than go through the painful submission process, and the endless conditions, and the small amount that goes to an author, who after all wrote the book.

    I would hope more books with Sarah Drexler (and Fernández!) are published. I loved Justice for Some, especially the discussion about children and families, and what a woman does when she is a “perfect” wife.

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