InfinityBox Press Launches

In October, 2011, Kate called and wanted to talk about an idea she had been mulling over for awhile. She had recently finished a new novel and was ready to have it published. Her agent sent it to a major publisher and she received the contract. She and her agent made revisions and returned it, as is customarily done. This time, though, the publisher held fast and acceded to none of her changes.

A few weeks and endless discussions later, we all decided to open a new small, independent publishing company and we would call it InfinityBox Press. We agreed to reissue all of Kate’s out-of-print works and publish her new work, then begin the same effort for all of the works by her late husband/writer/editor, Damon Knight. Eventually, we decided, we would open the press to works by other writers.

Now, seven months later, we are proud to announce the launch of InfinityBox Press and the release of 10 of Kate’s works from her Constance Leidl and Charlie Meiklejohn Mysteries series.

Kate has published more than 50 novels, a dozen novellas, and nearly 100 works of short fiction, including short stories to novelettes. In the coming months, InfinityBox Press, with Kate’s guidance, will release her novels, novellas, and collections of short fiction.

Finally, our goal is to publish everything as e-books. While our love for holding and reading printed books and wandering through the lignin-perfumed aisles of small bookstores has not diminished, we now have a way to offer Kate’s earlier works to new and old readers alike, and for a fraction of the cost of reprinting the books. We believe e-book technology will breathe new life into great works that otherwise would have had their fifteen minutes and then unceremoniously flickered out. We want to celebrate these great works.

One thought on “InfinityBox Press Launches

  1. Hi Kate,
    I am delighted to see Infinitybox Press hit the streets. I loved “The Anything Box” as a teenager: it was one of the most magic books I ever came across, and quite formative. So I am pleased also with your choice of name.

    I too still love hands-on books, but ebooks offer such a great opportunity to be well supplied with books all the time on a tiny Nook. My husband, an electronic engineer, was into Palms about 1996, and reading off his Palm, and he successfully got me hooked on them too when I had the flu badly and had run out of dead-tree books. I was so exhausted I really appreciated the near-weightlessness of the Palm for reading. As you say, for a long time, authors could not make a good living without publishers, but now the tide is turning, and good, well established authors like yourself are finally getting the chance to get a much better deal epublishing and selling from your own website.

    I wish you all the best with this venture, and plan to buy all the Barbara Holloway books you ever write direct from you, and to set all my friends and rellies on the path to your door as well. I have bought half a dozen of your Constance and Charlie books as well on trial.

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