Five books released

We’re pleased to announce that we have released five new books, including a two-volume set of Kate’s science fiction stories—Kate Wilhelm in Orbit. Happy reading!

Kate Wilhelm in Orbit—a long awaited collection of Kate’s stories from the Orbit series of anthologies—is now available as a two-volume set! The Orbit series, edited by Damon Knight, presented the best original short fiction in 21 volumes from 1966 to 1980, and 19 of Kate’s science fiction stories were among these. This is the first time all of these stories have been collected in one set. As Gordon van Gelder says in his introduction, “The stories assembled here—as you’ll soon see—are as good an assemblage of fantastic fiction as you’re likely to find anywhere, from apocalyptic futures to uncanny travels, from light comedic surrealism to the darkest psychological insights.”


The Infinity Box is a coveted collection of Kate’s work first published in 1975. This collection includes “April Fool’s Day Forever,” “The Village,” and “The Infinity Box,” among its nine stories. Four were nominated for the Nebula award.


The Deepest Water is a suspenseful mystery set near a remote Oregon lake. Abby’s father, a recently successful novelist, is murdered. Now, she must find the facts within his fiction to solve the mystery.


Desperate Measures is the sixth in the series of Barbara Holloway Mysteries. In an attempt to clear a young man of offenses the entire town believes he committed, Barbara needs to stay one step ahead of her attorney father—her erstwhile confidant—if she is to succeed.

In Between, a new work by Kate Wilhelm, release announced

InBetweenInfinityBox Press is announcing the release of Kate Wilhelm’s new work, In Between, a mystery with a twist…

Here is the synopsis:

Sam and Lori had only just met and now they are dead, the result of a car accident. Accident? Dead? No, and not exactly. In life, Sam was a successful playwright and Lori was a secretary for Ben Carnahan, a scheming movie producer who wants Sam’s new script and whose negligence on a movie set twenty years earlier killed Lori’s father. Now, Sam and Lori are ghosts out of sequence with the real world yet fully aware of their existence. As they work together to find out what happened to them, a plot to murder Ben is revealed. As ghosts, how can they possibly stop this conspiracy? They can’t contact the living—rules are rules—in life and in death and even when you’re in between.

In Between is now available on our website It will also be available soon as an audiobook from Blackstone Audiobooks, and of course, through your favorite online shops like Amazon, Barnes & Noble, & iTunes.

Happy reading!

Signed, first edition Barbara Holloway books now available

We’re pleased to announce that InfinityBox Press is now offering limited numbers of first edition print books. These books have been in boxes or on shelves in Kate’s library and represent a great selection of out-of-print Barbara Holloway mysteries. There are limited numbers of each book, so this is a great time to complete your collection, start one, or find an excellent gift for your favorite reader. And, each book is signed by Ms. Wilhelm. On the Home and Bookstore pages of this site, these books are listed as “Signed First Edition.” The list includes: A Wrongful Death, No Defense, Cold Case, Desperate Measures, Heaven is High, Malice Prepense, Sleight of Hand, The Best Defense, and The Unbidden Truth.

The power of purchasing from small businesses

We thoroughly enjoy the ever-evolving dialogue around the way people choose to purchase and read books: Has the digital revolution outpaced the print book option? When we purchase books—whether “e” or “tree”—should we buy from the likes of Amazon, or from a small publisher or book seller? Here at InfinityBox Press, we love it when anyone purchases a Kate Wilhelm title in any form from any purveyor, of course…but there are real advantages to the reader to return to our website. Though criteria for choosing a large outlet include the convenience of one-click shopping, quick shipping, and an easy return policy, we feel that shopping “locally” or from a small business not only helps support the independent publishing industry, but allows a direct avenue of communication between the publisher, the author, and the reader. We take to heart each comment that comes in, and we try to respond to customer needs as best as we can. It only takes a couple more clicks, after all, to buy a book from InfintyBox Press…and if it allows one to pick up a signed hard-cover book, even better! We feel that supporting independent artists and businesses is a way to ensure quality, diversity, and a real sense of connection with those who create. We welcome your comments, and we look forward to seeing you at!

Two new Barbara Holloway mysteries in our catalog.

We have added two “new” Barbara Holloway mystery titles to our growing list of books by Kate Wilhelm.

Defense for the Devil (1st pub. 1999): Mitch Arno, a ne’er do-well, reappears after a 17-year absence, threatening his estranged family. When he’s found brutally murdered, they realize a much more sinister plot now threatens their safety.

No Defense (2000): Failing to negotiate a deadman’s curve on a desert mountain, a wealthy man plunges to a violent death, leaving his young widow a large insurance policy—and the suspicion of murder. What will Barbara need to mount Lara’s defense, in this seemingly open-and-shut case?

These are also being produced as print on demand cloth-bound (with dust jacket) books. Please check back for updates.

A Holiday Gift from Kate Wilhelm

Kate offers her new children’s story, “Baby Dragon Fixes A Tree,” as a gift for everyone. It’s a story for children of all ages. Click the red box on the Home page for your free .pdf download—readable on all computers using Adobe Reader—and please share the story with everyone! And send us story-inspired artwork to share on our website.

Kate’s introduction to the story:

“I’ve told stories all my life. I told my younger brothers stories, then my own children, grandchildren, on to great grandchildren. I told a story about Baby Dragon to my three-year-old granddaughter and she loved him. Week after week she asked for more Baby Dragon stories. Seven or eight years ago, visiting my son and his family in upstate New York, my great grandchildren asked if they could take me to school for show and tell. Show their ancient great grandmother from that mysterious place called Oregon and tell what? I compromised: I’d go if their teacher permitted me to tell the class a story. The teacher permitted. I told a mixed class of first and second graders a Baby Dragon story, and they loved it. They spent some time in the days that followed illustrating it. These were all oral stories, made up on the spot in most cases. I put this one on paper and am offering a Baby Dragon story here for your children, your grandchildren, and if you’re as blessed as I have been, perhaps your great grandchildren. My Christmas gift to them. Wishing a wonderful holiday to all.”


Wordstock — Portland’s Premiere Book and Literary Festival

The largest book festival in the Great Northwest is set for October 11-14. The main event, the Wordstock Book Fair, will be open Saturday and Sunday, October 13 &14, 10 A.M. – 6 P.M. and we’ll be there. See more about Wordstock here: wordstock » event sampler

InfinityBox Press has a booth (#320) in the Book Fair this year and will be offering free downloads of one of Kate Wilhelm’s ebook stories to all who come by. We’ll also have dozens of signed print books from Kate’s considerable backlist, including early Barbara Holloway mysteries, Charlie Meiklejohn and Constance Leidl mysteries, and other, rarer, works, too. We’ll also have two computer stations set up for all those wanting to purchase and download any of the 15 Kate Wilhelm ebooks we have released since we launched InfinityBox Press a few months ago.

Stop by and meet Sue Arbuthnot and Richard Wilhelm, two of the publishers at IBP. We look forward to seeing you there. Let us know that you saw this post, when you come by.

Death Qualified — Barbara Holloway is back!

For all the fans of Kate Wilhelm’s Barbara Holloway mystery series, we have a great announcement to make. We are rereleasing the first six Barbara Holloway books! We start with Death Qualified, the first book in the series. This is where it all began. It’s available now on our Bookstore page.

This release coincides with the release of By Stone, By Blade, By Fire, the brand new addition to the Barbara Holloway mystery series.

Soon, we will release Defense For The Devil, Desperate Measures, For The Defense, No Defense, and The Best Defense. These will become available in the order in which they were written.