Why InfinityBox Press?

By Kate Wilhelm

Open letter to word watchers, readers and writers alike:

I've been a writer since 1956 when I sold my first short story. My first novel came in 1962. In all that time I've never seen a book contract that was entirely acceptable with the exception of the model contract Damon Knight wrote, or the model contract provided by the Authors Guild. Unfortunately, book publishers never used those contracts in my case, or for any other writers I have known. As a beginning writer I had no bargaining strength...

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Kate Wilhelm's Baby Dragon Stories

InfinityBox Press is announcing the release of Kate Wilhelm’s new work, In Between, a mystery with a twist… Here is the synopsis: Sam and Lori … Continue reading

We’re pleased to announce that InfinityBox Press is now offering limited numbers of first edition print books. These books have been in boxes or on … Continue reading

In Between, a new novel by by Kate Wilhelm

Kate Wilhelm reads the first few pages
of her new novel, Whisper Her Name

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