Five books released

We’re pleased to announce that we have released five new books, including a two-volume set of Kate’s science fiction stories—Kate Wilhelm in Orbit. Happy reading!

Kate Wilhelm in Orbit—a long awaited collection of Kate’s stories from the Orbit series of anthologies—is now available as a two-volume set! The Orbit series, edited by Damon Knight, presented the best original short fiction in 21 volumes from 1966 to 1980, and 19 of Kate’s science fiction stories were among these. This is the first time all of these stories have been collected in one set. As Gordon van Gelder says in his introduction, “The stories assembled here—as you’ll soon see—are as good an assemblage of fantastic fiction as you’re likely to find anywhere, from apocalyptic futures to uncanny travels, from light comedic surrealism to the darkest psychological insights.”


The Infinity Box is a coveted collection of Kate’s work first published in 1975. This collection includes “April Fool’s Day Forever,” “The Village,” and “The Infinity Box,” among its nine stories. Four were nominated for the Nebula award.


The Deepest Water is a suspenseful mystery set near a remote Oregon lake. Abby’s father, a recently successful novelist, is murdered. Now, she must find the facts within his fiction to solve the mystery.


Desperate Measures is the sixth in the series of Barbara Holloway Mysteries. In an attempt to clear a young man of offenses the entire town believes he committed, Barbara needs to stay one step ahead of her attorney father—her erstwhile confidant—if she is to succeed.

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