A Holiday Gift from Kate Wilhelm

Kate offers her new children’s story, “Baby Dragon Fixes A Tree,” as a gift for everyone. It’s a story for children of all ages. Click the red box on the Home page for your free .pdf download—readable on all computers using Adobe Reader—and please share the story with everyone! And send us story-inspired artwork to share on our website.

Kate’s introduction to the story:

“I’ve told stories all my life. I told my younger brothers stories, then my own children, grandchildren, on to great grandchildren. I told a story about Baby Dragon to my three-year-old granddaughter and she loved him. Week after week she asked for more Baby Dragon stories. Seven or eight years ago, visiting my son and his family in upstate New York, my great grandchildren asked if they could take me to school for show and tell. Show their ancient great grandmother from that mysterious place called Oregon and tell what? I compromised: I’d go if their teacher permitted me to tell the class a story. The teacher permitted. I told a mixed class of first and second graders a Baby Dragon story, and they loved it. They spent some time in the days that followed illustrating it. These were all oral stories, made up on the spot in most cases. I put this one on paper and am offering a Baby Dragon story here for your children, your grandchildren, and if you’re as blessed as I have been, perhaps your great grandchildren. My Christmas gift to them. Wishing a wonderful holiday to all.”